One SkullKing Made a FimFiction Account. After a while when he came back on he searched around the website then hefound this awesome story. It was called: "How My Life Changed When I Became Vinyl Scratch."

so he read the story and thought it was great and he liked it. Then him and the creator of the story talked in the comments of the story. Then Vinyl sent him a message. So they talked there. They became good friends. So SkullKing and Vinyl Teamed up on His YouTube channel changing it's name to SkullKingPlaysMC | Vinyl-Scratch. Then one day when they were talking to each other on fim the decided to team up on FimFiction too.

so the teamed up and changed the name on Fim to Vinyl-and-Skull-King.

Some attributes
First TeamMate
Second A Unicorn
Third Our Account on Fim:#REDIRECT [[1]]
Other attributes

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