SkullKingPlaysMC is a Youtuber. We will start from the beginning... SkullKing Originally came up this his first name by accident. One day he made a new Roblox account. He was going to use skrullkingjR but instead he accidently came up with the name skullkingjR. After a while every account he ever had he used Skullkingjr. He then made a YouTube channel called SkullKingjr. He recorded Roblox on there. But one day it got shut down.

so instead he made a whole new account and he named that channel SkullKingGaming | Skullains Unite!!!

then he made anotherr channel but this time for just Minecraft. So he named it SkullKingPlaysMC.

SkullKing likes: Fnaf 2, MLP, Youtube.

Skullains Unite!!!
Some attributes
First Youtuber
Second Vinyl-Scratch
Third Minecraft PE
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Fourth Happy Wheels
Fifth Songs
Sixth #REDIRECT [[1]]